We're Almost Out Of Hardcover Books!

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We understand Christmas is just around the corner and people are starting to make their shopping lists. But we had no idea that folks would start early! We are almost out of all of our hardcover books and have no way to order more before Christmas! This is both good and bad.

It's good because that means you love this book just as much as we do! When we picked up Kaci's manuscript the first time, we realized there was something in her story. Now, we have proof that this is a great tale to be told. 

It's bad because all of our hardcover books will be out and we'll have nothing left for the rest of you to enjoy when the last one is bought. Just print more, we thought, and I'm sure many of you thought the same thing. But when we talked to our printer, they couldn't guarantee we'd receive the books before Christmas. And how can we sell a Christmas book AFTER the holiday!?

Then we came up with another idea. A better idea. A possibly amazing, but totally fantastic idea. We talked with the printer and they liked the idea, too. In fact, they said they could help us with our idea. 

What's our idea? 


That's right. Starting on Cyber Monday, we'll be offering The Elephant Who Believes in Santa Claus in paperback for just $11.99.

What does that mean for your hardback book? Well, it means the hardback books, all of them signed by the author herself, will become a part of the Limited Edition collection. The paperback will be available for ordering on November 26, so don't miss out on a chance to get your copy for Christmas 2018!

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